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Party Girl They say you're nothing but a party girl Just like a million more all over the world I know I shouldn't be raising my hopes so high But I have seen the hungry look in their eyes They'd settle for anything in disguise of love Seen the party girls look me over Seen 'em leaving when the party's over They can't touch me now You say you don't mind We're so hard to find I could give you anything but time Give it just one more try Give it a chance Starts like fascination Ends up like a trance Oh you'll never be the guilty party girl Maybe someday we can go hiding from this world Maybe I'll never get over the change in style But I don't want to lock you up and say you're mine Don't want to lose you or say goodbye I'm the guilty party and I want my slice But I know you've got me and I'm in a grip-like vise. Read More

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