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Mary logged off and waited for his call in her bedroom. Her panties were off and she was only wearing a bra. As she was navigating the screen she accidentally clicked on a lesbian chat room. The next night, Mary logged on and signed on to that same lesbian chat room. She read how this strange girl wanted to shove her red hot tongue into her wet snatch. She wanted to know if Wendy had ever done that before.

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Angelina was a tall lanky girl, already the same height as her mother. Her face was pretty, and she had a friendly personality. It wasn't as hard as she thought it was, and she was getting to know some really interesting people.

Mary subscribed to many single mothers lists and got to share her story with others.

There were some pretty sick people she got to know too. It was a little bit deeper than hers and had a throaty quality to it. " "I'm on my bed, completely naked." "Hmmm, sounds good. "I like all women, but I really like young ones." Mary agreed. " Mary told Wendy about the time last summer when they were on vacation. Their naked bodies wet and glistening from the moon light. Back in the hotel, Angelina laid asleep in her bikini. " "No, I was thinking of my ex-husband." "Ahh, but you know it was your daughters body that got you all hot and bothered? I don't know if you noticed, but I came while you were telling your story." Mary laughed, so had she. Before she went to sleep, she peeked in Angelina's room and admired her daughter's pretty face. Mary had thoughts of how her daughter was growing up to become a very beautiful woman. She browsed through all the spam and read messages from her friends.

Various men would IM Mary and ask if she would have "cyber sex" with them. She was sure this man would have none of that and ignore her. They talked for the better part of an hour discussing fantasies, and typing in suggestive comments. Night after night Mary would go into these chat rooms and talk about sex with these men. Many of the men sent her their pictures and she would finger herself while looking at them. Describe you body to me Mary." "I'm 5'4 and 130 pounds. I'm a brunette with green eyes, nice full lips, and a cute face." "Hmmm, sounds delicious. "Tell me about you sweet little pussy, Mary." "It is dripping wet. " "Sweet, very sweet." "Hmmm, I'd love to taste it. Some of those hot 20 something girls were gorgeous. " "Yes, there is something so hot about a young girl and her hot firm body." Mary was silent as she imagined a hot college girl with her legs spread wide. " Mary thought and realized that her daughter, Angelina had some really perky breasts. It was a hot night, temperatures in the upper 70's. The both tore their bathing suits off and ran into the ocean. They splashed water at each other and Mary remembers hugging her naked daughter. The rolled around in the sand together, tickling each other's body. " Mary, her fingers pumping her snatch, continued her story. I was so horny, that I fingered myself for 30 minutes in the bathroom. "I'm going to have to go now, remind me to tell you about me and my little girl.

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Mary at first didn't know anything about computers. Her daughter Angelina knew about computers from school and taught her mom.

Angelina was begining her senior year in high school.

A smart student, who was not the most popular kids in her class.

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