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She was born Princess Jelena Karađorđević, became Princess Jelena of Serbia at the accession of her father and was known as Elena Petrovna, Jelena Petrovna, Hélène Petrovna or Ellen Petrovna after her marriage.

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She was educated in Russia at the Smolny Institute, a school in St. "She was a very sweet-faced though plain girl, with beautiful dark eyes, very quiet and amiable in manner," wrote Margaretta Eagar, governess to the daughters of Tsar Nicholas II.

Eagar wrote that Helen, then about seventeen, often came to tea with another of her aunts, Princess Vera of Montenegro, and cousins.

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Jelena Karađorđević or Princess Helen of Serbia (4 November 1884 – 16 October 1962) was the daughter of King Peter I of Yugoslavia and his wife Princess Zorka of Montenegro.

Serbia only declared independence as recently as 2006, having been part of the former Yugoslavia and then having a state union for a time with Montenegro.

The capital is Belgrade, which means White Fortress and you can see the sights from our Serbia Webcams.

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