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The classic bun is by far the easiest up’do for long hair, and you can always add some extra glam for special occasions.10.Nicole Richie Long Updo: Gravity-defying bun and rounded bangs Reality TV personality and socialite Nicole Richie looks striking with her big, gravity-defying bun and long, rounded bangs.

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We love the natural texture of her hair, and the way it has been casually swept back away from her forehead.

Get Jessica’s gorgeous textured locks by skipping the heat styling, and using a salt spray to add some extra waves and definition.

Give your long, luscious locks a touch of glamour with one of these 50 Easy Updos For Long Hair.

Fabulous up’do styles are essential for special occasions, and you’re spoiled for choice with our selection of easy up’dos for long locks.

This is a great go-to style if you’re short on time – simply sweep your hair up into a bun, slick it back, and you’re ready for a night out! Demi Lovato Long Updo: Curled up’do with flirty bouffant American actress and singer Demi Lovato looks fabulous with her plum-hued locks in a curled up’do with a flirty bouffant.

The volume of this hairstyle is concentrated at the back of her head, and the bouffant adds height to her profile, making her face look slightly longer and slimmer.Nicole Scherzinger Long Updo: Unique braided topknot bun American singer and TV personality Nicole Scherzinger rocks a unique braided topknot bun that sits perched atop her head, keeping hair out of her face.This hairstyle looks difficult to recreate, but it’s actually pretty simple: take a section of hair from your forehead (unfortunately, if you have short bangs, you can’t really do this), plait it in a simple three-strand braid, and gather all your hair together to tie it up in a bun.This is an easy up’do for very long locks, as it requires loads of volume and it’s simple to style.For a sleek and polished look, smooth hair back from your hairline with a light hair gel or hair spray.If you have short bangs, you could braid them and pin them up instead.12.

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