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There are 20,235 dwellings in Brandon with an occupancy rate of 95.5%, and the median cost of a dwelling at 9,747, lower than the national average at 0,552.

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Brandon has a fairly dry climate, with 462 millimetres (18.2 in) of precipitation annually; and, as such is located in the Palliser's Triangle region of the Prairies.

There is measurable rainfall on 56.0 days throughout the year, and 38.8 days with snowfall.

Because Grand Valley was built on a low flood plain, and Brandon was built on the heights on the other side, it became apparent that Brandon was the best place for a city in the area.

Rosser had chosen Brandon as the townsite in May 1881, within a year settlers had flocked to Brandon in such numbers that it was incorporated as a city.

But late in June 1881 it became clear that Grand Valley would not have lasted as a city long term.

A flood hit in late June, and as the city was built on a low-lying part of the river, flooded quickly and dramatically.

The unemployment rate is 6.0% in Brandon, lower than the national average at 7.8%.

The median household income before taxes is ,177, and after taxes at ,836, which is a bit lower than the national average at ,089.

Rapid City was the front runner for the site of the new railway and had prepared for the impending building boom accordingly.

But suddenly, in 1881, the builders of the railway decided to take a more westerly route from Winnipeg, towards Grand Valley.

Grand Valley was located on the northern side of the Assiniboine, opposite the side of the river where present-day Brandon sits.

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