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The actress obtained further success on television with her starring turn as Carrie Mathison in Showtime's series, “Homeland” (2011-? The role has earned Danes her third Golden Globe Award and a Satellite Award.

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In 1999, Danes starred in the gripping drama about getting caught with drugs in a foreign country in Brokedown Palace.

Other roles of interest include Terminator 3, The Hours, Shopgirl, Igby Goes Down and Stardust.

She was the inspiration for at least five punk rock songs in the nineties due to her roles in Romeo and Juliet and My So Called Life, both of which depicted teen-angst.

Homewrecker Claire Danes and her homolicious boyfriend Hugh Dancy are engaged, says one of their flacks.

In March 1993, a then 13 year old Danes shot the pilot for “My So-Called Life.” It would take about another year and a half before the show premiered on ABC on August 25, 1994.

Created by Winnie Holzman, “My So-Called Life” received critical acclaim but was canceled after only 19 episodes, with the final aired on January 26, 1995.Her older brother, Asa Danes (born 1972), is a corporate lawyer.Claire was studying modern dance at age 6, and starting taking acting lessons at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, New York when she was nine years old.Her mother, Carla (née Hall), is a day care provider and artist and her father, Christopher Danes, is a photographer and computer consultant.She is the granddaughter of Gibson Danes (1910-1992), who was a former dean of Yale's School of Art and Architecture.From 1997 to 2003, she was in a relationship with Australian musician and actor Ben Lee.

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