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Also, please note that a third party advertising identifier may be associated with your Account through our internal identifier.b. To improve the quality of Services, we provide additional functionalities, including the ability to access your Account from multiple devices, help you find friends via the Service, and to make Services more efficient, usable and enjoyable.

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The current version of this Privacy Policy is accessible at our website: https://me/line_rules/? What Privacy Policy Applies to Other LINE Services?

Users may request additional services from LINE or LINE affiliates (“Additional Services“).

Contact Phone Numbers in Your Address Book [OPTIONAL] To make it easier to find your friends using Services, you can enable the “Auto Add Friends” feature in the LINE App.

If you choose to enable the feature, we will collect the phone numbers (and e-mail addresses if issued by Japanese telecom companies) in your mobile device’s address book, and enable you to add friends in the Services who have consented to being found via their phone number or e-mail address (the “Account Matching Service”).

We will inform you of the personal information that will be collected, and, where appropriate seek your consent to collect, process, use, or disclose your personal information.2.

We will identify the purposes for which we will collect and further process your personal information.3.

Because the needs and choices of each user may vary, we provide separate privacy policies or addendums to this Privacy Policy for certain Additional Services.

The separate privacy policies and addendums explain the types of information we collect, their purposes of use, and other policies that may apply to the relevant Additional Services. To provide you Services, LINE collects, uses, and transfers the following types of information:i.

Alternatively, you may choose not to allow other LINE users to contact you using your LINE ID.

Please note that your LINE ID is not visible to other LINE users without your consent, and your LINE ID may be a pseudonym – it does not have to be your real

We will make our policies and practices for the handling of your personal information as transparent as is reasonably possible.8.

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