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As of this year (2010) there are few issues for Westerners in crossing Transnistrian borders by bus, although foreign travellers have experienced problems in the past.There is, however, a small chance that foreign tourists may be asked to pay bribes, although the buses which travel between Ukraine, Transnistria and the rest of Moldova usually handle negotiations at the border well, collecting passports and negotiating with Transnistrian authorities.

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There are 5 to 6 buses per day to and from Bucharest.

Due to a longer stay at the border the trip takes around 10 hours.

In 1990 the self-proclaimed Transnistria Republic in eastern Moldova declared independence and a civil war was fought during the first half of 1992.

A ceasefire was declared and Transnistria has maintained de facto independence with its own government and currency but is not recognized by any other country.

Kiev, 2 daily, 250 lei, 12 hours Moscow, 4 daily, 700 lei, 30 hours Odessa, 20 daily, 120-150 lei, 5 hours Sevastopol, daily 430 lei, 18 hours Brasov, 5 daily 200 lei, 12 hours Although the country is landlocked, there is a ferry service between Giurgiulesti in Moldova and Istanbul, Turkey, plying the river Danube to reach the Black Sea.

They leave Giurgiulesti every Monday and arrive at Istanbul the following Wednesday.The entry stamp can be collected at the airport and possible another location in Chisinau.Busiest air connections exist to Bucharest, Istanbul, Moscow, Munich, Timisoara, and Vienna. The cheapest tickets can be bought to Bucharest, Istanbul, Kiev and Moscow. At the border crossing the cars are lifted individually onto larger gauge wheels to fit Moldovan tracks.Headlights are required at all times -- but this isn't consistently enforced.There are regular buses connecting Chișinău with Bucharest, Kiev and most major Romanian and Ukrainian cities.Low-cost airline Wizz Air operates flights to Rome, Milan and Venice, and will commence flights to Bologna and London Luton in Autumn 2015. It is also possible to get relatively cheap tickets from Munich with Lufthansa/Air Moldova. Much cheaper than flying, but about twice the cost of the bus (but arguably more comfortable) the overnight train may be considered a valid option. Crossing the border from Ukraine is smoother, the track width is similar to Moldovan tracks.

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