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Every profile on Generation Love is checked by hand.

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In order to take advantage of services extending beyond the free flirting contacts, the user can acquire so-called “credits”, which are then used to settle fees.

Singles on Generation Love have a host of options at their disposal to assist their search for a partner.

The concept offered by Generation Love, consisting of an assisted search for a partner on the Internet, has proved very successful in recent years.

According to reports from local matchmaking agencies in Eastern Europe, Generation Love is one of the first choices for many women and enjoys an excellent reputation as a professional East-West dating site for singles.

But owing to the severe gender imbalance, many women are unable to fulfil their wish of starting a family.

This is why in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, many women turn to local matchmaking agencies for assistance in their search for a partner.

Another reason is the large number of contacts generated via Generation Love.

Generation Love offers users the chance to browse through lonely hearts advertisements.

Generation Love is intended for singles seeking professional matchmaking services and aiming to find a life partner.

Many users report that Generation Love has been recommended to them by friends and family.

At the same time, Generation Love serves as a dating site for singles, allowing members to communicate and connect with each other.

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