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By placing an adjective before the noun, you can sometimes indicate a degree of appreciation for that quality and/or emphasis.

In English we sometimes do the same thing by using a word such as "really" or by a change in intonation.

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Example: beautiful trees, they are happy Be careful!

One of the first things you may be told when you start studying the Spanish adjective is that, unlike its English counterpart, it comes after the noun.

But there are some adjectives that preferably come before the noun, and even a few whose meanings change depending on where they're placed.

Here are some of the different types of adjectives and where you will find them: Colors come after the noun.

In general, is there a big difference between an adjective and participle? The broader question about adjectives and participles goes beyond our scope here and into linguistic theory.

I think it's enough to say that participles often have adjectival roles but also have many other functions. Hello Jaml Makav, There are some guidelines for using hyphens in compound adjectives in the Oxford dictionary I'd refer you to.

The gender of some nouns makes sense ( [victim] are always feminine, even when the person or victim is a man!

It is very important to learn a noun's gender along with the noun itself because articles, adjectives, some pronouns, and some verbs have to agree with nouns; that is, they change depending on the gender of the noun they modify.

Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello, ''Soon-to-be-retiring detective X is partnered with Y.'' ''Blood on John is from a yet-to-be-identified victim.'' Is there a rule that would give information how to construct that kind of hyphenated adjectives? As far as I know, you should apply those same rules to the adjective phrases you ask about.

Hyphenated adjectives with more than one, and especially more than two, hyphens, are fairly rare and avoided in many styles of writing.

The best way to learn the gender of French nouns is to make your vocabulary lists with the appropriate definite article or indefinite article. The gender is part of the noun and you will be much better off learning it now, as a beginner, than trying to go back after years of study and memorizing the genders of all the words you've already learned (I speak from experience).

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