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At the rose ceremony, when it was Haley’s turn to hand out a rose, she asked that Emily join her out in front.

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She wrote that while Daniel may hate her a little bit, she hopes that he knows how much she adores him.

She thanked Daniel for making the show so entertaining.

if she wants to go with grandpa [Ryan], then she can do that but I think I can connect to her on a simpler level than he can.” How did Daniel attempt to connect with Haley Ferguson? He joked that he had the food flown in from Las Vegas, where Haley and her sister are from, and that all the major food groups were represented.

Daniel then tried to get Izzy Goodkind to give him the rose by presenting her with a lamp.

, after he saved them from elimination at the previous rose ceremony, effectively sent him home as well.

On Monday night, as the latest episode aired, Daniel wrote a comment to Haley telling her that he had fun with her and Emily and for them to take care.

Its overall message and well-intentioned advice may get lost as readers encounter some of the author's strongly held convictions about male-female relationships, chiefly that marriages are not equal partnerships but rather male led (a point that the author concedes is a bone of contention even among Christians). ) - tips on being the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend - how to find out if it's true love or just a crush Relationships don't have to be such a mystery.

Much of the text is common sense, perhaps old-fashioned, but practical about dating and choosing wisely whom to date.

By declining to give out the last two remaining roses, it meant that three men, instead of one, were sent home. The episode didn’t show Daniel saying his goodbyes, talking to the twins or expressing his feelings over being sent home while leaving the property.

On both the twins’ and Daniel’s social media pages, people left comments stating that the twins should have still given a rose to Daniel so that he could stay on for another week.

He said that it didn’t make any sense because he’s more entertaining than the rest of the guys left.

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