Onlinie dating sims

Play & Read More Popstar Dating Sim allows players to train their character to be a popstar and at the same time, find a match among the game's list of potential love interests.

It is pretty standard dating-sim fare, but one that is executed well and with polish.

Watch how you spend in the store too as buying a dress will cost you one hundred shells therefore really eating into your budget.

The fifty day window in this game is very generous so will give girls plenty of time to flirt interact and come up with the answers to drive them onto finding love.

Players have sixty days to achieve their dreams which is quite a generous window of opportunity in this game we think you will agree.

Summer sun, the beach and love feature highly in this fun game and winning your date along with becoming a real popstar will take all your cunning and guile.

Money must also be earned in order to buy certain items that will help you on your mission.

A little time spent clicking around is worth it as you will find ways to progress that you didn't know were there.

It's a really exciting game that flows in many different directions offering various scenarios to keep you glued to your computer.

Jenna can choose to bite her victims, while this will make her stronger but also increase her desire for more blood so make sure this is the direction you wish to take.

Dating Academy is what you get when you mix a dating game with anthropomorphic animal designs.

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