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So I just moved it possibly to another drive and then if I wanted to I could then close this and now that is gone. Its in that file and I just don't have it listed here on the left. When it is in Archive I could open it again right now, drag another event in there, and then close it again.Very easy then to move projects around between drives, to hide projects that are still there and archive them.That is a common update that you don't expect to enjoy from just a single version but all.

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I can look at all my projects and all my clips here by using these shortcuts which just basically lists everything available below it.

I can also close these up so if I have a whole bunch I can shrink this down and focus on what I really want to do right now.

Now to see where this i Movie Library is stored is pretty straight forward. Actually you can see as I rolled over there the apps come up. I can see that in my Movies folder, which is in my User folder, I've got a file here called i Movie Library.imovielibrary.

Inside of this is where all those different clips and the projects themselves are stored.

It works well with OS 9 and OS 8.6 Mac systems while its features were outstanding and an envy of many competitors.

The success realized by i Movie created a good foundation for the other versions to conquer the market.

i Movie version 10 uses a new system for storing clips and projects.

It is very easy to be able to create and use multiple i Movie libraries and move items between them.

You can store archived projects in libraries, and even spread your projects across multiple hard drives.

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Just to show you what is going on here if I take a look at this library in the Finder, just like the i Photo Library, it is a package. So all of this stuff is just stored in here and is now hidden from you because i Movie is controlling it and if you go in there and you start messing around with the files i Movie is going to get really confused because it is not going to find the things that it needs to find for this event.

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