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Don’t let Apple’s marketing enchant you – upgrading to Snow Leopard isn’t exactly the hassle-free affair that the Mac maker wants you to believe.You must pick the right cat for you, identify incompatible apps, plan your upgrade path, and customize the installer.

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Don’t forget to check out incompatible apps listed in Apple’s support document and see if your printer or scanner model is officially supported in Snow Leopard.

If too many of your apps are incompatible, postpone upgrading until vendors post Snow Leopard-specific updates.

In fact, everyone but early adopters should postpone upgrading until the first major Snow Leopard update (10.6.1) arrives, ironing out bugs and smoothing out rough edges.

If you’re anything like us, though, you’ll upgrade in an instant.

The installer deselects Rosetta by default but you may check it if you run legacy Power PC apps on your Intel Mac.

You can check whether an app is Power PC-only in the Kind field of the Get Info window invoked by hitting the Command I combo on an app.

Even if your Mac is offline, you should still uncheck driver packs because you can always install them from the install disc later, whenever needed.

If you don’t run Power PC-only apps, you won’t need Rosetta, a software emulator that enabled Power PC apps to run on Intel Macs.

You can also add the classic Quick Time 7 player yourself later, by downloading it from Apple’s Quick Time site.

In either case, the installer copies the new Quick Time X player by default.

When it comes to Adobe’s productivity software, the company confirmed in its Creative Suite FAQ that CS4 is compatible with Snow Leopard and that the Photoshop team “found no significant problems” with Photoshop CS3.

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