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is NBC's vice president of children's programming, Linda Mancuso.

Mancuso, 18 years Diamond's senior, "treated him like an equal" and their relationship became sexual as he got older.

"She flinched whenever a man was near her or a man's voice was suddenly projected toward her.

[Diamond] hoped to deter the aggressors with the only option that he had: a pocketknife.

It was not until one of the aggressors attempted to tackle [Diamond] that any alleged injury occurred."'s alleged scandals were revealed by Diamond himself — and by his cast mates from Bayside High, Tiffani Thiessen (who played Kelly Kapowski), Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris), Mario Lopez (AC Slater), Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano), Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle) and even the guy who owned The Max.

Wilson sued Di Caprio for $45 million in 2000, with Berkley as a witness, and the case stayed open and dragged on until 2004, when it was ultimately dismissed.

after she and Lawrence had split, it was sad and scary.

I haven’t seen Tiffani [Thiessen] or Elizabeth [Berkley] either. It’s been a minute.” When Mario asked what he would like to say to the cast, Diamond said, “I would just like to give them a hug and tell them all how proud I am of them and what they’ve been doing and ask for forgiveness for any misunderstandings that may have come about by the book.” Dustin was excluded from the ‘Bell’ reunions in People magazine.

I want to put the tomfoolery and malarkey behind me.

Dustin Diamond broke his silence to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez in our headline-making, news-breaking interview, and now he’s telling his former “Saved by the Bell” co-star about the fall out from his tell all memoir, “Behind the Bell.” Dustin, who played Screech opposite Mario’s A. Slater in the hit show, made some wild claims in the book about drugs, affairs and threesomes on set. I thought it was great.” Since the show, it has been hard for Diamond to break out of the Screech stereotype.

The actor claims that the memoir, which destroyed his relationship with his co-stars, was made up by a ghostwriter. “How do you come off a such phenom role of this Screech character and then break out of that mold and do something different? He continued, “I'd audition and every single time they'd say we loved it but we saw too much Screech in it and I cant change my bone structure I mean what do you want me to do?

castmembers — Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Lark Voorhies — essentially taking turns and just rotating amongst themselves.

None of them hooked up with Dustin Diamond, though, because, well, he's Dustin Diamond, and Dustin Diamond is kind of an as*hole.

His attorney Thomas Alberti filed a motion, obtained by "The State is in possession of photographs and/or Police Officer statements that may reasonably conclude that Amanda Schutz had been punched in the face and forcibly held by more than one adult male," Alberti wrote.

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