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The daughter saw him far off, walking up the hill to the house, and immediately her heart filled with joy.

But she was also struck with fear: Had she dishonored her father since she had not found a man to help her manage the affairs of the property?

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Indeed, the daughter imagined the work of sowing and planting and harvesting would be easier with the partnership of a man.

But she knew of no suitable man, and she did not want to starve, so she began doing the work herself.

But she had not found a suitable man willing to work alongside her.

And she did not want her father to return finding her misusing the land he had entrusted to her.

So she went about her affairs, raising crops and tending the home and caring for the children.

Then one summer day, the landowner returned to his property after many years of absence.

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But when some of the neighbors, having grown bitter due to their recent misfortune, learned of the daughter’s plans, they scoffed. No man will want to join you now that you are caring for children alone, as he will find himself superfluous in your affairs. ” Indeed, the daughter feared that her largesse was too much for her to manage.

And more than ever, she longed for a man to join her in caring for the children and the household and the land.

He ran toward his daughter and said, “Well done, my dutiful daughter! Now come and enjoy the fruits of your labor.” But the daughter said, “Father, I am glad for your return. ” The father replied, “Woe to those who spoke judgment against the work of your hands.

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